Even monkeys massage each other.

Even monkeys massage each other.


We all know the amazing benefits of massage: less pain, less tension, more relaxation - plus it just feels great! Another benefit is that massage increases levels of oxytocin, an uplifting hormone associated with feelings of peace and trust. Researchers in Scientific American called oxytocin “nature’s love glue”, reporting that couples with the highest levels had a closer relationship that lasted longer.

That’s right - giving your sweetie a Valentine’s Day massage doesn’t just feel nice, it can actually bring the two of you closer together! We here at Mochi are going to show you four simple steps to a fantastic massage that will melt anyone:

comfort is key

Feel free to create a relaxing mood - light a candle or incense, or simply clear your space of clutter and turn down the lights. Have your sweetie sit in a chair, while you stand behind them, or on the floor, where you kneel behind them. Let them know to tell you to increase or decrease your massage pressure as needed.

erase the weight on the shoulders

Place one hand on each of the shoulders, just on either side of the neck. Rest them there and ask your sweetie to take a big deep breath, and sigh it all the way out. After they breathe out, gently begin squeezing the shoulders, one side at a time. Begin to move your hands outward away from the neck, then inward again, one at a time, still rhythmically squeezing. Spend 5 minutes doing this, allowing the shoulders to totally unwind.

unknot the neck

Stand or kneel to one side of your sweetie, who is hopefully quite relaxed by now! Place one hand on their forehead, holding it gently but steadily. Curl your other hand around the back of their neck (thumb on one side of the neck, fingers on the other). Begin rhythmically squeezing and moving up and down the neck, allowing your sweetie’s forehead to sink into your hand supporting it as they relax. After 5 minutes of this, gently slow, then stop your neck massage, and allow your sweetie to hold up their own head again before removing your supporting hand on their forehead.

melt them with bliss

At this point, most of the tension has probably traveled to the scalp - so place your hands on your sweetie’s head and squeeze gently with your fingertips, then move in circles for another 5 minutes until you’ve covered every part of their scalp. To finish, gently rub their ears in small circles with your fingertips, which contain lots of relaxing acupressure points. Return them to the real world by gently rubbing big circles on their shoulders and arms with your flat, open hands - this generates warmth and makes them feel supremely cared for by you!