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How Massage and Bodywork Supercharge Your Workouts

How Massage and Bodywork Supercharge Your Workouts

Here we are, already nearing the end of January. How's your new year going? Many of you have been diligently hitting the gyms, classes and trails this month. Hey, we’re rooting for you! Let's run through the reasons why massage and bodywork can keep you on point with your fitness game this year. 

The struggle is so real. (Photo Credit:   @ccfoodtravel , Flickr, Creative Commons)      

The struggle is so real. (Photo Credit:  @ccfoodtravel, Flickr, Creative Commons)



Improve Your Proprioception.

Proprio-whaaa? OK, Proprioception refers to the sensory awareness of how and where your body is positioned. Improved body awareness leads to more accurate form and alignment while (and after!) you exercise. More accurate movement leads to more effective workouts.

Speed Up Your Recovery Times.

A session with your massage therapist helps bring down inflammation without inhibiting connective tissue repair, as you might experience with ibuprofen and other over-the-counter pain relievers. Reduced inflammation translates to faster muscle recovery, which means you can achieve your fitness goals that much sooner.

Work Out with More Wow, Less Ow.

We've all woken up the morning after an intense gym session or long run too stiff to move. This alone is a reason enough to book yourself a post-workout session. A good massage increases blood and lymph circulation by helping to usher out pain-causing byproducts that accumulate in the exercised muscles. This reduces the dreaded effects of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) by as much as 50%. Bonus: You'll feel more energetic during your next workout. We're sure your trainer would be thrilled to see you do another set of crunches.

Maggie Kelly, CMT
Contributing Writer and Editor, mochiblog

Winnie Chan, CMT, RYT
Director, Mochi Massage + Bodywork