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Maggie is a magician. Her approach to bodywork is unparalleled -- she is knowledgeable, kind, and intuitive. I had an emergency visit with her after waking up with a stiff neck. 60 minutes later, I had 80% of my mobility back. She really is a magician of sorts. Highly recommended! - Katelin H. 
A co-worker recommended Mochi to me a few months back after I had a stressful week and was complaining about a knot in my right shoulder blade.  I was able to schedule the appt. Immediately and get in for a quick session.  It was wonderful nd felt so relaxed.  I went back again a few months later and Maggie was great to work with and provide me with another excellent massage.  I can't wait to go back. - Michelle T.
I have selfishly avoided writing this review for a long time because I didn't want to make it any harder to get an appointment with Winnie!  But I just got an amazing massage from her so I'm feeling generous :)  Winnie is simply the best.  She really pays attention to what is going on with your body and tailors each massage accordingly.  I used buy various groupons, etc. or try massage places closer to my apartment, but always ended up disappointed and wishing I had gone to Mochi instead. I love the space too.  Very clean, friendly, and calming (and conveniently located near my office!). The online booking is also super handy.  I once was able to book a massage on my phone for the next day while I was waiting to de-board a long and painful flight.  It made me feel better just knowing I had an appointment the next day. - MM
Had a GREAT lunchtime massage from Margaret! 20 perfect minutes that made the rest of my day lovely! - Tabitha R.
Went to Mochi for one of the 20 minute specials (great idea for people that work) and ended up going for a longer session. Clean, no nonsense space conveniently located on market. Therapist was awesome; both super nice and a talented masseuse. On-line reservation process was really use and useful. I will definitely go back and recommend other people try them. - J.G.
I loved how easy it was to schedule the appointment. I love that they use Square for payment. The space was very nice and the music was great. The massage itself was just right. Yay. - D.N.
Excellent massage with Winnie. Attention paid to areas of trouble with suggestions of how to help myself between massages (stretches and roller to use). Wonderful! - Carrie D.
The space was comfortable and cozy and inviting. Winnie was really nice, approachable. She taught me about the fascia-- it really interesting and helpful. Her massage was nice, and helped loosen my hip flexors. - Elaine C.
Easy and fast to make appointment online - which I love with a busy schedule. Wonderful, warm, professional office. Very experienced staff. I went in with very tight neck and shoulders, and immediately felt the difference. - G.
Margaret was brilliant. She helped me on my back and deep breath problems. She was tending to help and was so professional.I always have the breath difficulty but after the session I was able to breath comfortably and felt my voice came back. - A.M.
Wow, this place is awesome. I was a little hesitant as I am picky about massage therapist. Winnie and Margaret have been perfect. They always ask about where I would like their attention to be focused. I am very ticklish, so they have found ways to work around my issue. Awesome place. Awesome people. Awesome experience. -D.C .
Winnie is the only massage therapist for me with my severe ticklishness (is that a word?) syndrome. I've been going to her fairly regularly for years now, and she manages to get me relaxed, as in falling asleep in drooling, every time b/c she really knows how to read your body. Clean, calming space, and convenient location. -W.H.
My appointment with Christine addressed not just current aches and pains, but looked to the cause of the problem at a structural level. I got a primer in muscle fascia, and I am beginning to think about my body differently now, especially conscious about stretching before and after workouts. This was a great start and I highly recommend her work! - James D.
My appointment was with Margaret. She was on time and my massage was amazing! I will definitely be going back. - Catherine A.
I've been living with a lower back knot/issue for over 3 years. 1 session with Christine and its gone. She'll really work to understand the root issue and then works her magic. Can't recommend her enough! - Diane H.
I booked a 20 min massage, thinking it would be a nice relaxing end to my work day. While it was wonderful, it was not what I expected. Christine is a structural therapist, more than a massage therapist. She works to help realign your muscles into their natural positions. I could immediately feel the results, but it wasn't the relaxing massage I had anticipated. If you want longer term results, Christine is your gal. A pure delight! - Anonymous
In 40 minutes, Margaret eased a lot of the soreness and tension in my neck, back, and arm! I'm glad I carved some time out for this, and I'll definitely be back. - Rebecca H.
Professional, warm, welcoming, listens, highly skilled. From scheduling an appointment until leaving the massage. - Laura S.
I happened to be in SF on business travel and wanted to get a massage on late notice. I found Mochi on Yelp, and was pleasantly surprised. Best 90 minute massage! - A.T.
My first time here - found Mochi on Yelp. Easy to schedule, great location in the financial district and fantastic 20 minute massge from Margaret for my sore arms, back and neck. Felt so much better whn I went back to work. - H.H.
I have been a semi-long time client (about 1 year), office moved away and then back just recently and I started going again. Winnie is by far one of the best (if not THE best) massage therapists I have ever had the privilege of working with! She's very friendly and genuinely cares about her clients, and is very skilled at working on what you need "fixed". Highly recommended. - W.N.
Having some issues with numbness & tingling, Margaret made it so I can climb my stairs, grasp my pencil, and generally feel human again! Please understand this is not a spa massage, this is serious massage therapy! Super convenient to BART, only 1 table in the office so no ambient noise. Margaret is a miracle worker. - K.K.
Very well treated for a first visit. Good explanation of my problem and how to treat it also. Definitely going back. - George Svanias
After another crazy holiday season with tourists and endless shoppers, this was a great chance to relax. I really enjoyed how convenient this location was along my commute home and that it was just the right amount of pressure to get out the holiday angst. - Ben M.
I am suffering from one of the worst stiff necks I have ever had. I went in for a 20 min massage and left feeling much better. I will definitely return for more work. - Maria E.
I hurt my shoulder after lifting a Christmas tree on Sunday and booked a massage for the following day with Margaret. She was great. She pin pointed the exact spots where my pain was without me even saying anything. I felt much more relaxed and not as constricted by the end of the massage. Would def recommend Margaret and would go to her again. - Laura L.
They were great. The space was clean, the massage did just the trick for my aching back; they were understanding, and helpful. - T.R.
Fabulous. My third massage from Winnie... From sore and painful to relaxed and awesome! Thank you so much, I will be back next time I fly back in from Australia!! - Greg M.
I went in for my usual reason which is "I'm stressed from head to toe" & walked out feeling great! Special thanks to Winnie for uncovering and treating a recent injury on my leg that I had forgotten about. I'm pretty sure I blocked out this injury because it is embarrassing to say to people that you are limping because you pulled your calf muscle playing ping pong. But there it was, hurting, and she fixed it completely without judging me. What more can you ask for? Thanks!  - Damien Shulock
Hurt my back moving furniture. Christine got in there and her magic touch loosened me up and got me moving again. For the 20 min mini appointment, she was VERY thorough even gave post massage recommendations for added healing. Highly recommend. - Isabel Bouligny
Amazing! I was so happy when I found this place near my office. Very relaxing and revitalizing! Loved it .... - Banks
Just what I needed! Winnie gave me a fabulous massage. Released a lot of tension I was storing in my stiff traveling body. The room is very comfortable & totally relaxing. I will definitely visit again. Thanks Winnie ! - Patricia L.
I was surprised at how much better I could feel in 20 minutes! It was a really wonderful experience and I highly recommend. Next time I will try to come for a longer session, but the 20 minute ones are still great if money is a tight.  - J.L.
I saw Christine for knots behind my shoulder blades. Rather than simply smashing the knots for an hour, she worked on the muscles that were causing the knots in the first place. The day after treatment, no knots. - Bob W.
Winnie knows bodies and she knows people. She's got mad skills and she keeps learning. THANK YOU for helping me feel great in this skin and inspiring me to feel better and better. - Lauren D.
If I could, I would marry that massage. It's the best hour of my month every month, a million thanks Winnie… - Corbett Campbell
Winnie was great. I was in town on business and was looking for a respectable place to work out my knots. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because it was a little pricey, but I knew that going in. I plan on going back the next time I'm in San Francisco. - J.K.
It was my first massage and had a Great experience with Winnie. I will definitely go back when the back/neck are feeling sore... Highly recommend Mochi. - Nathan Mullaugh
I booked a massage with Christine because my back was messed up. I couldn't even draw a complete breath. I was expecting the usual relaxing massage, but Christine does more of a physical therapy type massage using knowledge of where muscles lead and connect. It was new to me, but I did feel quite a bit relieved afterwards. She said it would take about three days to settle in. It's been two days and I have indeed been getting better since. Money well spent. - K.H.
I LOVED finding Mochi and can't believe that it took me so long when I've been working a block away from it for a year! It was a short massage but amazing nonetheless. I booked the Back on Track 20 min massage and she did SUCH a great job reading me and working on the problem areas I told her about, as well as the ones she found. SOOO good, I'll definitely be back! - L.W.
I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Margaret last week and it was a godsend. She is great and read me well. Great at holding a conversation when I wanted to talk and just letting me relax when I was quiet. She was very attentive to my problem areas and gave great advice for prevention of future stress. I will be going back when I get a chance. - Erik Nilsson
A Yelp find success! - Karen B.
A review in haiku: life can be stressful / and then there was margaret / problem solved. thank you. - David G.
I was gifted a birthday massage with Christine recently and had a great experience. Christine worked on breaking up the fascia bands that have been keeping my hip and shoulder in a weird place. It's rather intense work but really did help. - J.E.
Awesome! Came to Mochi 2 times already. Winnie and Margaret are awesome! They fix all my problem areas. Going back again soon! - J.D.
Unbelievable massage!!!!!!!!! She's a super pro and lovely person. My friend got me this treatment as a special destressing treat, and it was absolute bliss. - Marcia
A co-worker gave me a gift certificate for a 20-minute Mochi Mini. I thought that 20 minutes wouldn't seem effective, but I left totally refreshed and breathing deeply on a stressed-out day. There is definitely magic here and you can benefit from it right away. The atmosphere feels like you're in a friend's studio apartment, and you feel secure and private even though you're in a downtown building. - Karen H.
The description "massage and wellness" says it all! Sadly, I usually don't make an appt until I feel utterly damaged from work and stress and lack of exercise. When this happens, Mochi is the first big step in my recovery. Winnie takes the time for an assessment of my issues, then liberally applies her skills to turn things around for me. Thank you, I will be back soon! - D.S.
Winnie is really good. She listened to my needs, went to work and I left feeling refreshed and pain free. I recommend Mochi. - J.K.
Time just flies with Winnie and afterwards I feel refreshed and rejuvanated and excited for my next session. I get a lot of massages and this was definitely one of the best. I'll definitely be coming back! Thanks! - M.C.
I came to Mochi Massage after reading fantastic reviews about Winnie's services. I was in desperate need of some upper back, shoulder and neck work and left feeling like a new person; like my muscles had somehow been reset to a previous, less stressed state. I am recommending Mochi to all my friends and family because of her fantastic massages, her prices, and her location. - Whitney C.
Walked in absolutely desperate for some body work. Walked out feeling rejuvenated and pain-free! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Sarah R.
Best in the City: I went to Winnie because she's close to where I work and had great reviews. I was certainly not disappointed. Not only is she friendly and upbeat, but when it comes to massage, she's an expert, and my back hasn't felt better. She got to the root of some of my aches and pains and really made the effort to get to their source. I've already recommended her to my office mates! I've tried quite a few places in SF, but this is the best one-- look no further! - Sabrina Walter
I will remain forever faithful. Ticklish people, you need not be afraid of massages! I will (well, technically, I cannot, due to my extreme ticklishness) go anywhere else for my massages. Winnie never fails to put me at ease and I fall asleep at almost every session. This is coming from a girl who squeals when air-tickled (yes, no contact needed). Winnie is the best, really. I would cry if she left SF. - W.H.
I knew I was in good hands when I heard the band Air in her music playlist. The massage I got was a 20 minute session for back, arms, shoulders, & neck and it was really nice. This was my first professional massage and I am already feeling the benefits of it. My shoulders are more relaxed now than they have been in years. A very positive session, thanks Winnie! - Aaron K.
Winnie has excellent skills and is a fantastic massage therapist; she was able to find the kinks that had been bothering me and then some more that I didn't know that I had. I had a 90 min session with her and felt well-worked over (which is my preference) by the end. She is very intuitive and has a great therapeutic energy; on top of that, she listens to your needs and is very attentive. Great experience, thank you, Winnie!!!! - Lisa W.
I tend to go through monthly cycles of PMS that stress me out and make my body feel full of tension, restlessness, just pure stress - agitated. Anyhow, found Mochi online and thought I should give it a try. I am glad I did. I met with Winnie and told her about what my body is going through, she was very nice, spunky, and receptive. Once I was on the massage table and felt her hands working through my back, I immediately knew I want to continue getting massages there. - I.A.
Yep, I needed fixing and Winnie did the trick... if anything, it's now inspired me to get back into a variety of regular routines for wellness. Big thanks! - Joe R.
Winnie is the best. Totally a great experience, and highly recommended! She really listened to what I wanted and did a terrific job working out some of the issues that I have as a regular runner. Also, I often have trouble feeling at ease in a massage situation, but I was totally comfortable with Winne. Overall, I will be back -- Mochi is fantastic! - Danielle G.
Winnie was fantastic. She took the time to ask questions and identify the problem areas with my body. She used different techniques during the session and really keyed in on the problem areas. Thanks. - L.R.
Lovely respite from the hustle-bustle. Just had my first massage at Mochi and absolutely loved it! Winnie was very receptive to my requests, made me feel comfortable and her studio is calming and clean. I hope to come back soon! - Alyssa W.
Thanks Winnie! Exactly what I needed to reduce stress and relax during a hard work week. I've been looking for a place to go regularly, and I think that I've found it! - Emmett S.
I've been to Mochi a few times now and I'm increasingly happy with the results. Winnie is extremely caring and gifted at tailoring the massage experience. Winnie helped me elude muscle pain when I was training for a marathon a few months back and recently used reflexology to zap cold symptoms that were keeping me down. I certainly recommend Mochi to anyone. - Marlena G.
Winnie is an excellent massage therapist. She is a great combination of personable and professional! Winnie really takes the time to ask the right questions so she can create a strategy to target your problem areas. She will even teach you stretches to help your various pains, kink in your neck, repetitive stress injuries, etc. I always feel better after I've made a visit to see Winnie! - April N.
A downtown oasis. This was a nice treat for myself in the middle of a busy work day. The massage felt much longer than 20 minutes, and I just floated back to the office. - E.A.
I look forward to returning when my body feels the need. The results are best enjoyed the next day after her efforts have matured. Take the time to have her fix you as I did. - Jerry S.
Way past due for ME time. I always tell myself, "I'm going for a massage this weekend." but it never really happens. recently I've been having chronic neck and shoulder pain leaving me no choice but to suck it up and go for a massage. I found Mochi on Yelp and I must say, it was well worth it! Winnie did a great job in getting rid of those tension and knots! It is the place to go and wind down after a long work day! - J.S.
Decided to treat myself to a 20 minute massage during the middle of the work day to treat some tension in my neck/shoulders/back and couldn't have been happier. A wonderful respite from the work week in a soothing environment. Will definitely be back. - Derek M.
We are very lucky to have Winnie here in downtown San Francisco. Her location is beautiful and the massage session was great. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis. - Ryan D.
First time ever getting a massage during my lunch hour. I had been having neck problems for the past 2 weeks and had a massage the week prior somewhere else to release the tension build up, but it wasn't until Winnie worked on my neck and back that cured my neck issue. She even found another spot where I had muscle tightness. In 20 minutes she did amazing work and I am not depressed in pain from my neck anymore. Thank you, Winnie. I'll be back and will definitely take the advice you gave me! - Michelle M.
I went in feeling like a knotted board, and left feeling like kneaded dough. I had signed up for the 20 min relaxation massage, but it was SO good, I extended to the 40 min mid-session. I would've stayed all day if I could've! I am a massage junkie, and have had 100s of different practitioners. She definitely ranks in the very top for me because her touch was very skilled and she was able to offer any amount of pressure I wanted. The atmosphere was beautifully designed and simple and calming. - Heather A.
Winnie really knows what she's doing! She listened to me and hit all the spots I asked her to focus on. I felt a million times better walking out of there. Would definitely recommend Mochi to anyone. - Kerri L.
Highly recommended. Winnie was great; she was very friendly and able to really hit the sore spots which helped relieve a lot of my back pain. I would highly recommend Mochi. - Sherrie C.
She is an artist. Top compliments.  - Andrew P.
Winnie took the time to talk to me before my first massage to find out what I needed. She gave me a massage that focused on my individual needs. She is also a very friendly person. I've had tons of massages from many different therapists, very few if any attempted to help me with my problem area as Winnie did. Most therapists just go through the motions. Winnie is different. Very good. - Rob H.
I went there yesterday at lunch this week. It was awesome ! I want to go back as soon as I can. I have got a back massage and it works perfectly. You should check this out ! - Yann Metz
Winnie rocked! I am not a regular on the massage table but she put me right at ease. She did something that no other massage therapist had done before...ASKED ME WHAT I WANTED! I also know that she went out of her way to hand deliver the gift certificate to my friend who bought me the massage. I would recommend Mochi in a heartbeat =D - Meredith Rianda
Winnie really listened to my body and zeroed in on my sore spots with just the right combination of gentleness and strength. She has created a lovely and restful space in the heart of downtown. I recommend her highly! - Catherine P.
Aaahhhlways excellent! Winnie's technique works like magic. The ambiance and whole experience is restful, and I always emerge refreshed. I only wish I could have a massage every day. - Carla N.
My massage was amazing. The back on track was exactly what I needed. I also love the location, I can easily get there, get a massage and get back to work on my lunch break :) - Lauren
Winnie is incredibly talented and purposeful - it feels like each and every movement is undoing years of work at the computer. I will definitely be back soon! - Sarah S.
I had been looking for a good massage therapist for years before getting to Mochi. That was three years ago. Once I got to Winnie, I stopped looking. She is absolutely fantastic! - Brina
I've come to Mochi Massage more times than I can count and Winnie is a total pro. She can find the tense spots and make them disappear! I almost don't want to give Mochi such a great review because I'd hate for her schedule to get all booked up, but I can't help it - she's that good! - Andrew L.
So relaxed, I fell asleep! Again, Winnie amazed me with her calm and skills. I successfully got a massage that was both relaxing (I totally fell asleep halfway through) and rejuvenating (the knots in my muscles were definitely massaged out). This is not an easy feat, as I am the most ticklish person I know. My tattoo artist hates me b/c of it. I need to combine Winnie with my tattoo artist. She totally puts me at ease. I've been to other massage places that were cheaper, but I have to say, Winnie is the best for me. -W.H.
What a great massage! I definitely would return again for some lunch time pampering. It was great that I was able to book an apt last minute. Winnie did a wonderful job of making me relax. Ahhhhhhhh! - Pili
Wow. Had a wonderful experience with Winnie -- everything about it soothing and calming, from her warm and welcoming smile to her adept listening style, to the environment - very clean, tranquil and spacious. I could tell Winnie was not new to massage and healing - she new just what ailed me and how to address it. I will definitely be back! - Sean
My neck was so stiff and sore I thought It couldn't get better just after a session, but like a mochi ice cream, Winnie worked my "shell" gently until she got to the core and "melt" the tension in my muscles and I felt much better after....I went back to work without even have to take a painkiller and I slept all night! I will be back. I also liked the calm atmosphere of the turquoise massage room. - Maddy
What a delight to find yourself in the middle of a busy day on Wnnie's massage table. She is not only a very gifted therapist, but also a great listener. Can't wait to treat myself again! Thank you Winnie! - Zuzana
I just moved the night before and I was aching all over. She ... put me into another world and (I) was able to relax. I felt a million times better than when I entered.  - Kimberly Taylor
After, I was floating head to toe. The studio was an amazing refuge from the craziness of downtown SF. What treat for the middle of your workday! I can't wait to go back! - Ali A.
Winnie is such a dear soul. Gentle in nature but the girl is strong. I was going to say 'treat yourself' and get a massage. But really - it's more of a necessity - isn't it? Take care of yourself and call Winnie. You'll be in great hands. - Stacy
I have come to see Winnie twice, once after a running injury and once after a car accident. She was amazing both times. Se helped me center mentally as well as get back physically. She has a warm and open personality that puts you at ease and really amazing healing hands and elbows.  - Jennifer Wellins
Winnie has a great understanding of all of the connective tissues and was able to unlock areas I have had a lot of trouble with. She understands many different techniques of massage and employed them to get the maximum effect on my body. She is also very personable and easy to discuss things with. I recommend her quite highly. - Rick Kennedy
Winnie solved problems I didn't know I had. I didn't realize that my sciatica was affecting my walking. I came in looking for a relaxing massage and got therapy that had me l floating down the street when I left. The ability to find and resolve non-apparent problems is clearly the sign of a true professional. - Tom Anderson
My only complaint is that I couldn't stay all day! winnie is so in tune to my physiology and does wonders with my runner's legs and desk job shoulders. i always leave sessions at Mochi feeling FABULOUS. if you haven't been yet, GET THERE! - Cara Prehn
i signed up for a series of the Mo' chi is Mo' Betta hour-long sessions and have been so immensely pleased. Not only is there winnie's exacting attention to knots and places-where-stress collects, but she encourages stretching and breathing and changing the habits that brought you there in the first place. A highly recommended massage healing therapist... - James D.
What a treat! Winnie was the smallest, strongest yet most gentle massage therapist I have ever had. With her combination of massage techniques, I floated out of there in a state of euphoria. I can't wait to return. - Wanda Nichols
Love the space/location; it was very convenient. Very professional and one of the best massages I've ever had. Will come back! - Steven W.
Winnie's massages are not only relaxing, but I really enjoy the way she incorporates yoga-inspired stretches with the kneading of muscles. It really makes for a fantastic experience. I'll be back again soon! - Kristi C.
Yes, the location is quirky, but the massage was great. i'm sure i'll become a regular. I went in with specific needs around how i'm working out, and key areas of stress, and Mochi nailed it all. - Andrew B.
I had a kink in my neck-the kind you can't even turn your head and winnie did a fantastic job at getting most of it out. If I had chosen a longer massage-instead of a lunchtime 20 min. I'm sure it would have all been gone. - Robin Stice
Winnie worked out the tension I had in my shoulders and neck. I had the mini massage for neck and shoulder on a Friday afternoon- it relieved all the built up tension of the week. The web scheduling and payment make it a snap and the location is so convenient. - Annette Meilandt
I went to Winnie like a lion and came out like a lamb. She is giver by personality and she has found her niche. We are all lucky as a result. I'll be back whenever I need to truly relax. - Tom Anderson
Love the space and location, it was very convenient. Winnie was great, she listened to what areas had been bothering me and really focused her efforts there. She incorporated stretching which really felt good! Would definitely try Winnie again! - Douglas F.
Very positive experience. Had immediate relief from back and groin pain. She was good at explaining why the problem was happening. Good suggestions for stretching and other referrals. I am looking forward to my next session. - Mary Beth U.
The location and setup are excellent for taking a short afternoon break from the office. This was my second time going. The owner was very attentive and remembered what was bothering me last time and showed a personal interest in helping me with my back issues. I liked that she went the extra mile to give me some various yoga stretches and moves I can do on my own. - Darrell M.
I had been going to Napa for years to get one of those $150-$200 massages. Winnie gave me a far superior massage to any I have gotten at those fancy spas. She dug deep into the knots, adding the perfect amount of pressure. She is very friendly and centrally located in the City. Easy online booking. What more can you ask. I'll be seeing her again and again! - EC
Winnie delivers again. Best massage evah! She focused on what I needed and did a great job. Having that massage session made the rest of my day change for the better! Thanks! - Hernan Pelassini
My first massage at Mochi was amazing, and days later I'm feeling noticeably different in my body and much more relaxed. Winnie was also wonderful and charming. She thoroughly assessed my needs prior to the treatment, and then her healing hands went to work. I'll be back!! - Christopher Love
I was oh so sore from a recent raft trip and needed relief ASAP. Winnie was definitely up to the task and fixed me right up. The space is serene and relaxing and she is amazing at her skill. I will definitely be back! - CBA
I injured my back and needed to see someone asap. It was difficult to find places downtown that could schedule me on short notice. The massage helped relax my back spasm and allowed me to get through the rest of the workday. The massage studio provides a relaxing, caring environment in busy downtown SF. - Sarah S.
I'd done something to my neck (not sure what), so that even just nodding was kinda painful. I didn't have the time or money for a full-body massage, especially since I really just needed help with my shoulders and neck. Winnie at Mochi was EXACTLY what I needed for all of it: an uber-convenient location, and scheduling, and after 20 minutes with Winnie I was as good as new! - Sara P.
Winnie gives an excellent massage. She spends time on working out various knots while ensuring a really rewarding experience overall. Very relaxing and invigorating, and highly recommended! - KN
I had suffered an arm injury while surfing and was experiencing a lot of swelling and a greatly deteriorated range of motion. I went to see Winnie and lo and behold the next day my arm was markedly improved. She worked through a massive knot on the interior of my elbow and did so without causing me undo pain. The swelling is almost completely abated now and I have almost full range of motion back. She did a wonderful job and she's great to talk to. I can't say enough about her work. - Garen McCall
Let it be known that Winnie is the cat's pajamas. Not only is the overall ambience of Mochi Massage alluring and aesthetically pleasing, but the masseuse herself is a woman who can make you feel like you're talking to your best friend. If you're feeling cranky and stressed out from all the hustle and bustle that goes on in your world, than Mochi Massage is definitely the perfect fixer upper. - Sandra Hong
Towards the end of the week I was feeling a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back. I had to sneak out of work, but it was worth it. Winnie was able to quickly locate the knots and work them all out in 20 minutes. I felt so relaxed afterwards. It was wonderful, just what I needed to get through the day. - David Becker
I loved the fact that was close to work. Winnie was sweet & made me feel comfortable right away. I made the appointment to specifically work out some kinks and knots in shoulder and neck, she did just that. It was so relaxing i didn't want to leave. she also gave me some stretching tips. Next day I woke up with kink all gone. Can't complain. - Marissa Escalante
Winnie asked the right questions before starting, made sure I was comfortable, focused on my problem areas and the parts connected to them, and was very aware of what was enough pressure but not too much during the massage. I left feeling like a relaxed bowl of mush and slept like a baby that night! - Hilary M.
do you have mouse arm?stiff shoulder blades from slumping over your 'puter?  general aches from of the 9-to-5 variety? feeling too knotty to feel naughty? winnie is your gal to ease those pains and unleash those knots in your back and shoulders. i'm probably as gimpy as they come when it comes to having office injuries and winnie has done wonders with her trigger point therapy. my favorite things about mochi:  1) it's downtown near my office (montgomery & market) and is the perfect lunchtime escape or post-work de-stresser. 2) many of her treatments don't leave you oiled up. you can keep those clothes on and go back to work. 3) oh the stretches! you won't believe how flexible you are -- or become after she works her trigger point magic. 4) gift certificates for your coworkers, employees, or friends! you can reward your colleagues with a little mid-day massage/stretch.  - Judy L.
Oh my effin gawd, Winnie rocks.  My neck/shoulder seized up several days ago and ow ow ow the pain and it just wouldn't go away.   One mochi massage later, and seriously... the pain is totally gone.  She's a freakin miracle worker. - Michelle W.
So when you think of mochi you typically think of a hard little ball of ice cream wrapped in a little piece of rice dough. i think this is a great way to think of those knots in your back: muscle mochi.Just as the heat make a real mochi melt, winnie knows how to take your muscle mochi and melt it back into your body so you feel as good as new. I've been going to her for a couple months now, every other week or so and it's changed the way my body feels: stress gone, toned muscles in. Sure yoga rocks, but there's nothing like having someone put on some good tunes and work your muscles. also given the variety of techniques she offers you're bound to find one that fits your mochi muscle needs. -  Derek D.
Nothing like an awesome massage to start the weekend!  I had this kink here and another one there and Winnie's magical hands and elbows made them go away.  Talk about a wonderful day.  A massage on a beautiful day between going from one meeting to the next.   Look forward to stopping by and getting a full hour. - John B.
People have mentioned Winnie's hands, but really folks - IT'S THE ELBOWS.  The skills are breathtaking - or else that's just what happens to me when she finds the EXACT spots where I'm all knotted up - and she ALWAYS finds them...and kicks their butts.  mochi massage is awesome.  Winnie is awesome.  The location is awesome.  Someone stop me - I could say awesome about a million more times on the topic of mochi massage.  Have you seen the web site?  http://www.mochimassag... - awesome. Hurry!  Make your recurring appointments now before the whole frickin' city finds out how wonderful she is! - Laurie S.
MO-chi massage is heavenly.  Seriously, Winnie has the strongest hands that have ever touched my pressure points!  I would rate her in my top 2 massages of all time! - Susan L.
I thought I'd give Mochi a try after reading some of these reviews. I'm completely happy with Winnie's work, I prefer it to even some of the fancy spas which charge way too much.The rates are reasonable, she asked all the right questions before starting, and it's a stylish and cozy little studio, very clean and accessible. I'm certainly going back. - Sasha P.
I made an appointment today before my work shift at noon. What a mistake! I got to work and my brain was mush. I got 40 minutes of awesome and the feeling lasted all day. I feel opened up and buzzed. Not much work got done today but I'm sure starting the weekend correctly. As I write this, I've been here 4 or so times. Perfect location and relaxed atmostphere even though it's in the middle of downtown. Winnie is really attentive to addressing your individual needs. Very easy to book an appointment online and no credit card needed to do it, like some places. And for you busy types, she offers a 20 min session. This is a much better short session than those chair massages in Crocker Galleria. I'm a big fan and refer all my friends and co-workers. - Elsie M.
I'm visiting from New York on Business and I really needed a massage. a place my coworker recommended was full, but luckily for me, I found Winnie on yelp and she had one appointment available same day. I booked online- it was so easy. Her office is so conveniently located on 2nd and Market, and as soon as i arrived i felt totally at ease. Winnie is warm but professional, and the office is really cute. the massage was GREAT- I feel like she figured exactly what i needed, got right in there, and i left feeling great. I will definitely go back next time I'm in town, and I'd totally recommend her to my coworkers and to you :D - Danielle S.
I am extremely ticklish.  Usually massages get me more tense and even more ticklish.  The more they tell me to relax, the tighter my muscles get.  I am SO ticklish that when I'm in "the ticklish zone," even if you wiggle your fingers at me and air-tickle me, I'll squeal and squirm.  It's a disease.
Not w/ Winnie... her hands work magic, she didn't have to tell me to relax; her hands did the relaxing, which I think is the way massages should be.  I think I even drooled, I was so relaxed.  Sorry, Winnie. - WH.
I used to work for National Holistic Institute (a massage school), so I know something about the field.Winnie's *very* talented but also has a great demeanor and business sense to boot.  She's friendly and professional, and has set up her business in a way that's incredibly convenient and hassle-free. I just left my first appointment and feel as though I'd just gone to an amazing yoga class.  Relaxed, rejuvenated, and happy. I'll be back soon for a much longer massage, although I appreciate that she offers both 20 and 40-minute services for tighter budgets and schedules. - Madeleine C.
Winnie gave one of the best massages I've ever had even though it was a short 20 minute session. I suffer from a chronicle back and shoulder pain due to work. I was miserable the day before I saw her as the weather was rainy and made my symptoms worse. I tweeted to Winnie and she was able to book both my husband and I for 20 minutes each the next day. The studio is cozy, clean and Winnie is both professional and warm. I will definitely go back to her for longer sessions. - Yi Bing Z.
Winnie is o so fabulous!! I decided last minute that I just HAD to have a relaxing moment in my day since I would be working till 11pm. So I searched on Yelp and found great reviews for Winnie. . Holy cow. Yep, she is definitely one strong woman! First off, it's fantastic that you can just book an appointment online and last minute! Second, she was just two blocks away from my work (you can easily go in the middle of your work day). Third, the space was realllllly nice and made me relax instantly! And finally, Winnie is as sweet as can be and she really cares about her clients. I'll definitely be back! YAY! - Ange T.
Here's what I liked about Mochi: 1) online appointments! My decision to book a massage is pretty spontaneous, and I don't love doing this in my open office cube. 2) beautiful space! Who's sick of blue + brown combo? Not me! 3) Winnie the massage therapist! Fun, bubbly person 4) unsolicited glute work! I hesitate to direct a massage therapist to spend a lot of time on the butt in fear of seeming like a big perv, but I sit all day at work. Of course I want some time spent in that area. Winnie did. 5) not greasy! Winnie used a lotion that left me scentless and grease-free. I can see this being useful for folks who need to head back to the office after an appointment. - Stacy J.
Wow. Winnie has magic hands. Seriously,  think magic really does leave her little finger tips and soak into my body in the form of an amazing massage. Let me preface that I am not a massage person. I never have been. I have had professional massages before and I always leave with the "Meh, that was okay I suppose" feeling. I just have a weird thing with people I don't know touching me. I can't ever seem to relax and just enjoy. I finally found a masseur that really effects me. The friends and I decided to venture to Sky High Sports for some good ol' trampoline fun, because a warehouse full of tra mpolines is the best thing ever. Well, after an hour of back flips, foam pits, hand stands and butt drops, my back was in pretty bad shape. I sucked it up for TWO WEEKS thinking that the pain would just go away, telling myself that it was just "sore" not actually painful. Yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore. I logged on to trusty yelp and and booked an appointment online! The relaxing atmosphere, the soft music, the nice lighting, Winne's magical hands made me feel pain free! She spent 40 glorious minutes working my poor beat up back. She focused on the area's where I have had pain for years (having fabulous Ta-Ta's takes its toll!), she pushed on pressure points that I didn't even know I had, and made me feel that tingly feeling all over my body with her elbow's, forearms, and hands. It was the fastest 40 minutes of my life. When she finished I was pain free, and felt slightly drunk and light headed. She gave me some stretches to do when I am home and relaxing to help keep my lower back from tensing up so much, and even referred me to a couple of restorative yoga classes (apparently my back is worse then I thought). I will definitely be back in 6 weeks, only this time it will be for 60 - 90 minutes. Thanks Winnie! - Jessica R.
Online booking and payment, no hassles, great environment, quality service, good price. The downtown San Francisco location was perfect to slip in and get bodywork right after work. I liked the brief interview beforehand that went over any pains i was having, what I liked and didn't like.  It allowed me just to kick back and enjoy my massage.  I was also able to buy a gift certificate for a friend.  I'll go back. - Darrell M.
Walk up to the building entrance and think 'big expensive business office'. When you take the elevator up, you exit and the shape is much different and the architecture is enticing. I like it. Don't forget it's on the 9th floor. I walked all over the floor three times looking and had to go back down for the suite number.  Take a right when you leave the elevators and then the Suite is on the right side, but you have to look at the signs, I don't know why I couldn't find it. It says "MOCHI". :) Knock on the door and if you're really early knock, but don't keep knocking, they might be in session. As you walk into a small but spacious room, it's very private, there is one window with curtains if you want them open or closed. I requested to leave the window open. There are no showers and the bathroom is down the hall, and up the stairway, a shared floor bathroom which you need a key for. They have the cutest business cards ever, very costly production, but hey, it's a new business, why not splurge on yourselves a little? - Lorrie N.
Love the space and downtown (SF Financial District) location, it was very convenient.  Winnie was great, she  listened to what areas had been bothering me and really focused her efforts there.  She incorporated stretching which really felt good! Would definitely try Winnie again! - Douglas F.
Winnie's massage technique is superb! She not only combined different massage techniques in one 40min massage, but applied hot stones, and opened up my back, which made my breathing a lot easier.  I plan on seeing her regularly, can't wait in fact.  I am also very excited about learning some Yoga excercises from her.  Excellent space, as well.  Thank you, Winnie!  -Luis B.
Mochi Massage ROCKS! The therapists are naturals. I never feel like they're on auto-pilot. Plus, you can't beat the half-a-block from Montgomery BART station in downtown San Francisco. I got the package deal. They even have a cool web site! - David L.
Oh my! Heaven in a historic downtown office building (well, it looks historic, in a good way, even if it isn't). You sign in with a doorman at street level - the usual security stuff. Ride the elevator up to floor 9 (a completion number, and complete goodness is what you get) turn right and go to the last door on the right. And that's where all surroundings disappear and the magic begins. Hubby had been given a gift certificate, and I went along for a turn when he was done. The office is one large room, divided by curtains into interview space and massage space (making it look a bit different from the pictures shown, and yes, if there is a sign on the door, just wait). Yes, Winnie did take time to do a pre-work interview for the state of your health, body, likes, needs, wants, expectations, etc. while inviting you to enjoy a soothing cup of tea. And then she USED the information given to give the most wonderful massage I've had in long ages. Let me restate - not only wonderful, but healing. As an old, arthritic, diabetic woman, lots of parts on me hurt, but not when I left Winnie's hands! This was more than mere massage. She combined many techniques, including some I recognized from cranial-sacral therapy, and made this massage one of the most enjoyable and healing I've had in a very long time. This was not just a feel-good-for-an-hour-then-everything-hurts-again massage. She effected real change that is lasting. I will definitely be back. One can get addicted to Winnie's hands! And yes, hubby loved her also. And I almost forgot to say that her rates are quite reasonable. You will love putting yourself in Winnie's hands. Winnie took time to do a pre-work interview for the state of your health, body, likes, needs, wants, expectations, etc. And then she USED the information to give the most wonderful massage I've had in long ages. As an old, arthritic, diabetic, I've lots of hurts, but not when I left Winnie's hands! This was more than mere massage. She combined many techniques, including some I recognized from cranial-sacral therapy, and made this one of the most enjoyable, healing massages I've ever had. to describe just how wonderful Winnie's magical touch really is. She not only persuades all knots to gently leave, she encourages tightened tendons to relax back into place, and kinked, locked joints to bend again. Not only did she relieve pain on the spot, it was still relieved days later. If you're old and arthritic like me, you need to treat yourself to Winnie's magic. - Phyllis D.
I went to Mochi Massage yesterday after having to deal with a pinched nerve in my shoulder for a couple of days. I was in a lot of pain and Winnie's massage helped so much! I too signed up for a massage appointment online which was very convenient. Her workspace is charming and very calming. I would, without a doubt, get a massage her again. - Tara A.
Winnie's hands are to die for.. her elbows, however, is where the magic happens. - Bart H.
I joined yelp just to write this review about Mochi Massage.  The logo was cute, so I figured I'd give it a try.  I have to admit, when I saw little Winnie, I wasn't so sure how strong she could be--but I was amazed.  I like more deep tissue work and Winnie was really powerful and thorough.  I was so impressed by her work I bought a massage for my boyfriend--he too had an amazing experience and came back completely relaxed. - Nikhila P.