Hello Friends,

After ten years in practice, we were suddenly met with a zoning and permit snafu involving the City of San Francisco at the beginning of April 2018. 

As such, we have been asked to TEMPORARILY cease operations until the Deities of Paperwork have been satisfied. 

We're fully cooperating with city officials and they seem interested in helping us get sorted out.
If all goes well, we could be back in business as soon as the end of May.

If you're eager to book an appointment with us, we understand and wish to accommodate you. We're currently researching an alternate, suitable space from which to practice. We will share any updates with you, pronto.

We thank you for your patience, apologize for every inconvenience and ask that you check back with us from time to time.  Please direct all inquiries to mochimassage@gmail.com.

Happy Spring, everyone.
All the best from Team Mochi!