choose a session that suits your schedule and needs.

We briefly sit down with you before each session to listen to what you have to say, before determining how best to focus our efforts for the day. 

30-Minute MINIMALIST. Whether you need an extra boost of energy before your meeting, an attitude adjustment after a stress-filled day, or immediate pain relief from the boulder in your shoulder - this session is the perfect quick fix. Clients have remarked that it fits nicely into a lunch hour. ($80) Book.

60-Minute MOBETTA. One full hour of conscious breathing, awareness, and letting go of tension. Float back to the office invigorated and ready to take on the remainder of the day, or prepare for an evening of deep rest. ($160) Book.

90-Minute MEDICINE. Ample time to expand breath and restore energy, coax stress into vanishing, encourage "knots" to melt, and begin to bring you back into strong, beautiful balance. Get your groove back. ($240) Book.

60/90-Minute ATHLETE. Using an array of bodywork techniques favored by professional athletes, these bodywork sessions are designed to reduce soreness and increase mobility after a weekend filled with adventure. It's also the perfect post-race remedy. Book.

30/50-Minute REHAB. If you're undergoing physical therapy, this is the session for you. Utilizing palpation and muscle testing, we look for patterns of compensation and determine root causes of dysfunction. We then use Active Release Techniques® to address and rehabilitate areas of weakness or tightness. You will be fully clothed throughout the session. Please bring clean gym clothes with you. Book.

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become a member. save 10%.
one session, once a month.

"How often should I get a massage?" is a popular question in our studio. Our answer? Unless you have a chronic condition, once a month is optimal to maintain a sense of well-being.

What you need to know:

We work with you on scheduling. 'Cos you know - life. You have the option to reschedule your sessions for the following month, up to three times a year. You'll have an option to freeze your membership for up to 90 days during your 12-month commitment. 

Gift one of your sessions to someone you deem awesome and deserving. Or keep them all to yourself (Mwahahaha!)

Receive a 10% discount on all sessions or products (excepting gift cards).

We offer 60 and 90-minute memberships,
with a minimum 12-month commitment. 

Subscribe now. 

get serious. get a series.

If there are some longstanding physical issues you're seeking to resolve, this is a great way to begin the work of bringing your body back into alignment. Purchasing a series will save you five to fifteen percent off current rates.

Purchase a four or twelve-series, and start booking out your sessions.

You have up to a year to use a 4-Series; 18 months to use a 12-Series. You will always retain the face value of your purchase amount. 

Pro-tip! Purchasing a series is an awesome way of utilizing HSA/FSA funds before the deadline. 

Gift your mind and body a 4 or 12-series.


four ways to save $ on your mochi sessions

Our Memberships and series can save you up to 15% off our current rates. 

Monthly Wellness Allowance. If your company offers you a monthly stipend to spend on wellness services, consider subscribing to a Mochi Membership as part of your regimen. 

Health Insurance Reimbursement. Depending on your health plan, you may be able to get fully or partially reimbursed for your Mochi Massage + Bodywork sessions. We provide you with detailed receipts upon request. Check with your company's Benefits representative to see how it works for you.

Health or Flexible Spending Account (HSA/FSA).
Determine how often you want to come in; then, allot adequate funds for this account to use on Mochi Massage + Bodywork sessions. Many of our clients opt to purchase a series of four or twelve sessions, which means that you can tack on an additional 5 to 15% to your pre-tax savings.